Serial Killer or What?

Networking Serial or Committed?

I heard recently someone mentioned that they were a “serial networker” and began to consider exactly what they meant was it in terms of a serial killer or a serial bigamist of just someone who hasn’t found their niche just yet. Networking for the sake of it is a bit of a waste of time but Networking with a purpose is, like anything with a purpose, an activity that pays back to everyone involved.

Networking carried out in a sequential fashion does not endear commitment or loyalty, both incredibly valuable traits in a business venture.

I believe that you should carefully choose your group in the same way you choose anyone you want a relationship with and work on that until every avenue of benefit to both of you has been exhausted.

That will take a lifetime but you will not be considered a serial anything leaving us waiting until next time for your next instalment.


For those of you not in the know relationship marketing is the new normal.

You may be out there working your social media or should I say staying at home working your social media having loads of “friends”stop by and saying how much they “like” you or working the programme by “sharing” something quite “unique” to millions of people but missing out on having a proper relationship. But would you trust any of the friends with your bank account details or in fact your wallet or purse -probably not.

This is because they are not really known to you and in reality they only exist in the ether of the Internet. In my world you have to shake someone’s hand and look deeply into their eyes before you get a feel whether or not I want to like them.

This is called relationship marketing and there is only one game in town if you can actually play it. I have to admit a vested interest because it is the only game I know how to play so come on down and find you local BNI group and get stuck in.

Make friends and influence people to proper way or of course you stay at home and make a whole load of friends on line your choice but get a grip and meet someone new for heavens sake.

What are all these excuses?

To be honest I don’t mind if people make mistakes, are late, have forgotten something important to me or in fact made a complete mess of things what I really can’t do with are excuses sometimes real sometimes well meant and sometimes complete and utter rubbish.

They add insult to injury and dont assist the healing process at all. I’m not known for my high levels of emotional intellegence, in fact I probably wouldn’t do very well in the empathy business. To me it is important to make things as clear and uncluttered as possible. That said I don’t feel the need to buy into someone else’s disasters.

Failure does not need to come with an explanation life is NOT to be treated as a learning experience or you run out of life while you are still looking over your shoulder either in a self critical or self serving manner.

I find excuses are, by their nature, a waste of limited time and resources. If you want me to buy into your emotional turmoil I have to say that it probably isn’t going to happen.

I do demand an apology but do not want an explanation as offering one is like a serial philander owning up to their partner the errors of their ways and looking to offload all their misdemeanors onto someone else so they can “clear the air” or “start afresh” These actions are selfish and pointless.

Everybody makes mistakes and we have to accept them sometimes there is no reason or no person to blame so an excuse is unacceptable. Don’t do it just move on and burn the hair shirt.

Sat here just contemplating the future…

We just don’t give ourselves enough time just to sit and stare…
Our busy lives force us to look busy or we feel we are not doing enough to warrant our existence. I have to say that some of the best decisions come a bit after contemplation not before. Politicians were renown for taking their time over decisions and coming up with the best most appropriate solution for everyone in their constituency and I mean that in the greater meaning of the word. We all know that when the pressure is on then we need to spend more time in consideration not less a quick decision without thought is a knee jerk reaction something we can’t help an involuntary reaction caused by an inability to control your actions something that ALL the political elite are becoming good at no one is considering all the options in case it looks bad to the electorate when in fact doing the wrong thing and keep on doing the wrong thing is the way to look bad to the electorate!
While certain factions cut the heads of their captives (which must I say really endorse their warmth and well meaning to their followers) we sit on our hands when did violence and aggression come as such a shock to our leaders so much so that they have to organise another meeting admittedly this time with the nasty COBRA committee talk not action is what everyone wants Prime Minister and if you continue to worry more about the next election than your constituents then we should say goodbye now. That goes for all of you in Westminster…

Have you been predicted yet?

Communication is the only way us humans can get together and share stuff.
Whether that is emotional or physical it goes without saying that is we fail at this really basic level then we may as well give up and hiss under the stairs.
We all know that certain professions have been led to think that having a strange outlook on communicating is acceptable but I would hazard a guess that this is pretty self generated. A case of the shy convincing the shy. In a business environment getting your idea across in as unambiguous manner as possible is fundamental to getting the job done.

Holiday the Business Coach way

Needless to say everyone needs a break from the hussle and bussle of being a Business Advisor so I have come here to less than sunny Athens to take a few days away enjoying the hospitality of the Greeks.
Today went up to indulge in facing up to what happens to any society when you take your eye of the ball. Travelling on the metro to the Acropolis and the Parthenon was 21st century city travel, easy and swift. However confronting the history of civilisation took a bit more out of me. In 447 BC some two and a half thousand years ago the building works started. From then what have we learnt about forward planning and strategy? History tells us that when we sit back and enjoy the fruits or our labours this is when they start to disappear or are taken from us. The world is littered with Empires that have grown, flourished and died some we are more aware of like the Greek, Roman and British some we have heard about like the Aztec and Inca’s and some have totally slipped out of human memory. All these had one thing in common; that is they were made up of people, to a greater or lesser extent, just like us. Scary isnt it that looking at the balance of probability everything we do here today in our lives will turn to dust. Very little will outlast us in terms of activity. One thing I have picked up here is that theories do then to last a lot longer and remain in the worlds psyche for all time. Fairness, Democracy, Healing, Philosophy all came from around these parts and some 3000 years later they are still given a shake or two. That makes me think that whatever we do has little value to the world as a whole but what we think can add serious value to those that come after.
So I’m going to have a bit less doing and a bit more thinking time this week in the hope that a new civilisation will be born from my inactivity.

Innovate or die trying

How many new ideas do have a day? 10,20,30 or 100. Funnily enough so does everyone else!

The difference between a good idea and a successful idea is what?
If you have dream (apologies to M L K) does that make you a genius or a numpty with an over active mind?
Having a dream is only half the battle making the dream come true is the really hard bit. Anyone in business knows that even the best dreams can become worn and jaded. Remember that to maintain passion (in everything) it takes hard work focused activity a decent plan and the ability to implement that plan. Dreams are cheap actions and success cost dear. 


How does this work? Some companies last less than a year some last for over 100 years. The stats on those that start up & die are really scary. How many businesses give me a ten or fifteen year plan? I can say about none!
If you dont think intend to be around in ten years then dont plan to be and that usually works.
I have a guilty secret I am going to share with you – on Saturday I travelled up to London to attend a concert at the Albert Hall now this was not just any concert this was to see one of the best R&B bands of the 70’s Earth Wind and Fire and despite the emotional memory link to the music I was enthralled at the energy and stagecraft of a group of men who had been doing this for over 40 years.
Now we all know that longevity in the popular music industry is rare they are getting more numerous and health care for the aged improves and drug use declines with age. We have The Rolling Stones and many groups who only intended to be around for a moment in time. Least said about Sir Cliff the better…
My point is that not one of these groups planned for this but certainly have more than their fare share of talent and tenacity and resistance so they are still there more important what they do is still valued regardless of fashion tastes they seem to overcome that. While sitting being thoroughly entertained by these gentlemen a thought struck me they started out not for fame or money but because they loved what they did and they found they were good at it. I couldn’t envisage 60 year old One Direction managing to keep me entertained in the future – but then that seems to be beyond them now…
Life as though today is the only day in your life but plan for the next 30 years just in case your still around tomorrow when the sun comes up.