Going it alone…

With all the talk about Scotland and going it alone the question of can she or can’t she go it alone.
Now any fool knows that of course you can go it alone and of course you too will have the benefit of living or dying by your own decisions – whether they be poor ones or brilliant ones.
The question is really that is this a good thing to do? I really mean is it a good thing for Scotland or in fact any nascent country or any group to “go it alone” how does the Tom & Barbara scenario pan out for anyone else.
Great idea! but history tells us that self sufficiency is usually macro-economically disastrous. You can do everything yourself; but do you really want to. Should we all return to doing everything ourselves from killing the pig for breakfast baps to basket weaving or collecting gallons of urine to make soap or maybe we would be happier just popping down to the supermarket and buying something that someone else – who I may say really is far better at it – for example Proctor and Gamble have made a massive global empire just from taking the piss…
So I would encourage anyone who is wanting to become self sufficient to think of the alternative. This should be “outsourcingnot becoming a “Jack of All Trades” but focussing on your few core skills and creating a niche of excellence and getting paidanf handsomely for it then finding someone else to do the stuff you are not so good at and probably don’t enjoy anyway.
So Scotland take note of course you can become independent but do you really really want to…
As I say to any person wanting to set up in business for themselves it is much better to be in control than not but then not everyone is born to be in control and be comfortable with it.

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Service! what service?

Here we go again, my god I’m incensed I have been listening to whinging retailers stating that things have never been this bad and they have nobody visiting their shops and the world is coming to an end…
I have just had to point out that the reason that they are talking crap is that they are not really professional retailers they are order takers and a monkey can do that probably with better humour.
Shop keepers should be taught how to build a relationship with the customer not just their wallet! Take a look at Estate Agents for the last few years they have let people buy buildings from them with the only selling point being that they will increase their investment in a few years. oops that’s going to smart! Now they have to re-learn how to sell the dream of owing a home all over again, if they ever knew about it in the first place.
On line shopping rules are:

  1. You can always get it cheaper on the internet
  2. You can guarantee that if you do it will be late/damaged/incorrect or just crap
  3. After sales service is very much out of sight out of mind – please email our spam box with your complaints
  4. You will never ever get to touch and feel the product before you have paid for it…

Off line we cannot do the same thing and get away with it the likes of Stanley Kalms have destroyed customer service if you want it cheap sold by a complete idiot who can manage to ignore you while actually in conversation with you. Its like talking to the party tart they look over your shoulder to see if they can see someone with slightly more money than you. I once got ignored midway from buying a top end laptop with an assistant because a voluptous woman wanted to get a cheap packet of printer paper. Did I go elsewhere? of course if I want to treated like an avatar then I can go on line.

The local computer store is hungry for my business and offers intellegent conversation of interest and serves great coffee even if you don’t buy anything.

This is it then either learn about proper customer service or die cos you deserve not to survive…