State of the world again

Out there without a friend

For the last few years we, here in the UK, have been listening to politicians and hangers on about whether or not we should be in our out of the EU.

Not one side or the other has made any sense and both sides have been exaggerating the implications of staying in or leaving to the point where truth has become non existent.

As business owners we crave certainty but have managed to live without it from the day we started out with our own business ventures. Now we have experienced what it is like to delegate to the masses a decision that is well beyond most people and we will have to live with the consequences of that delegation of responsibility.

It’s all very well letting the masses make a decision if you know what that decision is going to be and you can plan for it. In this case the powers that be or used to be didn’t and with the arrogance of semi educated fools who thought they not only knew more than they did but also thought they had a divine right to be followed over the cliff edge.

Now that is done we will just have to get on with it and with the help of all the strong relationships our businesses are built upon we can thrive and grow.

These last few years have been challenging to say the least any if you want to survive and grow then raise you eyes up and charge ahead.

Lets take a leaf out of the England Rugby team just a few months ago they were embarrassed and ejected from their own world cup now they have beaten the Australian world cup runners up 3 – 0 in their own back yard.

What a difference a day makes…

How many people do you have a relationship with?

Connection Nodes

As we go about our business we like to think that we have a small but select group of people in our network.

How wrong could we be as we think further out everyone knows more people than we think.

Take a look at the network connections chart above you will be shocked to know that even if we try really hard and like to think that we get to know most people we come in contact with look at the numbers in a room of 30 people (normal for a Chamber or Breakfast event) we will talk to about 4 or 5 but if we do the calculations there are 435 relationships we could have but don’t. Why is that?


Just came back from a BNI conference in Amsterdam really very good and very inspirational. As time goes on I start to see the benefit of conferences and some of the networking events as like-minded people get together and really get a new perspective on all that’s going on. Sometimes I see that the bigger picture gets lost in a wave of negative crap that comes out of the press and on the box. If we listen too much we get to think that these idiots actually know what they are talking about unfortunately they can only talk in sound bites and try to get us all believe that if we had any money left after they have contrived to steal it all we are going to die of swine fever a sort of flu that is particularly virulent in third world countries as is cholera, typhoid, TB and a whole range of illnesses which mean nothing to us unless they have the ability to cause a panic then they become BIG news.
So there you go first it was we were all going to have to live on the streets as we don’t have any cash left then we are going to die with a fever and if we survive that lot we are going to drown when the ice caps melt (again) or boil when the earth gets too hot to live on any longer.
Time to get a cold beer and sit down in front of the tele’ until the world ends or I die of starvation or obesity whichever.