King of the Jungle perhaps?

According to Marriott Edgar “Now Albert had heard about lions, How they were ferocious and wild, And to see Wallace lying so peaceful, Well… it didn’t seem right to the child” Well those that know what happened next are rightly justified in keeping clear of all lions or in fact any big cat.
But … if you dont engage with the big beasts all you get is something uninspiring and tedious so sometimes we have to push outside of our considered comfort zone until it becomes our comfort zone.

In the video below you will see how engaging with the dangerous can reap enormous rewards.

In business do we always take the easy route a bit like water or do we look for the right route, the gut feeling route, the route that satisfies and makes us happier and more content?

I believe that everyone is capable of so much more if only they would just take a deep breath and dive right in thats not to say you put your head in the lions mouth but take a look at the video below


Business Coach in Hospital

It’s happened again I have been laid low by blood clots in my left leg. Now I’m normally reasonably fit and take care in what I eat but this is “Just one of those things” .

When you run your own business, if you don’t plan for stuff like this, it can destroy what you have spent years and 000,s of pounds building up.
I’m lucky I expect that my relationships with my clients are strong enough for me to keep them and help me to survive.
Round the corner for all us a really big person waiting to kick us squarely where it hurts. We just do t know who they are or exactly when they will turn up –