Month: August 2007

Well… today is the day I join with other business people and attend a breakfast meeting to refer business to each other.My turn to wow the crowds with a simple 5 minutes slot on how to network properly. Yet again I get on my high horse about relationships and that “people buy from people” then I take a look around the room to see who is still awake and it looks like that everyone is on board and listening closely. At least the message is finally getting through.Its about time the team take it on board that price does not matter at all!

Why is it that I am awake at 3 am every day

Why is it that when under pressure and I need my sleep that I am awake and bouncing at 3 am and by 3 pm I am ready for an afternoon lie down?
I have been working on this theory that if we are all entrepreneurs in some form at some point we will all be waking early…
So why don’t we move the day’s start forward by five hours so we can at least have someone to talk to when we need to.