Month: January 2008

Advertising tosh

I have just come away from a client and finally managed to stop them from wasteing their money with the advertising con of this century… Fair enough thirty years ago before the advent of the www thingy and after local communities stopped talking to each other they were as vital as business air but now they still keep peddaling the same old stuff that I did when I worked for them in the recession of the mid 80’s without this who will ever know you exist. If you cancel now you will have to wait a whole year before your business can restart. You must have guessed that I am ranting on about Yellow Pages! It’s not really advertising at all. Where else can you take an order for a piece of timely promotion that will only happen in six months time and cannot be changed for another eighteen months!
Listen everyone just stop doing it I cannot even think of how you can justify the money ever!!
You could try talking to people and getting them to talk about you.
Remember that advertising is self promotion its about you saying your good – well you would wouldn’t you!


Been to any meetings recently where you have been pinned in the corner by a salesman who sees you as “new meat” the slightly rabid glint in their eyes and clutching a handful of batered business cards. The conversation starts with “oh what do you do?” from that moment on you suddenly become superfluous and the wide eyed target hound slavers on about themselves and what they do when they do it and why they are the cheapest. If like me, you are allergic to sweaty fools with the IQ of roadkill then take a side step from this form of networking and stop wasteing your time. If you spend two hours a week keeping up with old clients you are doing your business more benefit than all other stuff. Crappy overpriced food in Hotels where the staff couldn’t give a toss and organisers who rush around being mine host to a few chums.
Or of course you could try speed networking…