Month: March 2008


Well, I’ve done it… I’ve finally moved into something smaller surrounded by boxes of neatly packed crap which will be unpacked and moved off to the dump to be recycled including my beloved full set of leather bound Encyclopedia Britannica although it has not been opened for the last ten years it still holds a certain amount of emotional draw to me, it reminds me of any business that has got into a bit of a rut a good de-clutter is essential every so often get rid of the crap and rethink the important stuff so you can regain the swiftness which is what makes up most of the USP of any small business…
Don’t make the mistake of removing stuff that is emotionally someone else’s to clear out. I made the mistake of suggesting that we cull my wife’s wardrobe to a managable size. I failed to see that she was still holding the stanley knife and I only just managed to get out of the room in one piece.
So the moral is de-clutter re-evaluate and get rid of the crap alternatively sack 10% of your customers every year they are the one’s who use up most of your goodwill and most of your patience. You will feel a lot better without them and work a lot harder for the one’s who deserve the attention.
Happy Easter