Month: May 2008

New Business and Web2.0

Went to a seminar on web 2.0 and decided that I should spread the word around all the networks I attend. If I started on about “web 2.0” and the benefits that it could bring their business they seemed to go all blank so I needed to explain what I meant in layman’s terms so I thought about what the web has given small businesses so far and where the extra selling points which could benefit small businesses and not large organisations could be found…
The web with its websites and portals and to some extent forums (if you can be bothered) has given small businesses profile on the net so we can look like bigger companies (with the right amount of spend) and trade like them too. But can we get across the fundamental difference the actual main USP of the small business. We are small because in most cases we like to be small. Small is fast thinking quick agile and responsive. Not hide bound in procedure and not stuck in with crappy company rules which work against us.
No we are acutally business with personality then it hit me Web 2.0 allows us to have a personality on line. A face and feelings and with the stuff we can now share it has a little bit of us online.
Which large organisation can give us that and who is going to write the personality? is it the PR department in a clinical and safe style (we don’t want to be sued do we?) or will it be the marketing department? neither I hope but whoever tries it will certainly have a job on their hands. This is why all small business must embrace technology advances or die.
take a look at and see if it makes sense…