Month: June 2008

Feeling Dirty!

Gang Raped by the banks & date raped by Talk Talk… Do I feel abused & dirty or just hurt because they don’t call any more?

Searching for the perfect relationship is it worth it?

If a relate councellor was involved in trying to sort out this relationship they would be calling the police by now and looking for a refuge for me. So what went wrong? It was all going so well… The promises of good times and mutual happiness gave me hope that something good was at last about to happen. Oh and it was going to be so good valuable quality time spent together and at last someone I could really communicate with. If only!

Like any relationship the first few days were fantastic – just what I wanted someone who cared – someone who understood – someone who wanted me to do better. The honeymoon soon came to an end. Suddenly I was too demanding, too needy, just too damn close – things went downhill fast, all I wanted was what had been promised . Very quickly it became clear they were just like all the rest. To explain: If the bank that is dedicated to the small business person – yes you know who you are. Keeps employing inadequate sour faced front of house staff they can’t expect hard working small business owners to bother with them I must admit if only they could perform as well as their advertising agency they would have cleaned up by now they are definitely finding another way…

As for the numb nuts at talk talk heaven forbid that they have anything akin to competence at any time. It has now taken them three months to do absolutely nothing in fact they rang me on Saturday afternoon to say exactly that although after going through all the checks to see I was who they said I was (they rang me not the other way round) they finally told me they needed to know so they could book a call from their technical department. After all the promises from the bunch called the “house moving team” they have yet to actually get me an account number to give me the rebate they promised me for delaying the installation!

They keep asking me if I have booked someone else for the broadband as if they have become jealous of any other relationship I may have with another telecoms provider. After ingnoring me for three months they are now stalking me. I have to say the recent relationships with large organisations has left me feeling grubby and used.

I would go to another bank or BT but they are no better none of them has any idea on customer service, they should change the name of customer care to customer we-don’t-care teams.

Enough of this rant the anger has yet to subside but if anyone knows who can give me a quality service or in fact just call back when they say they will and preferably not cut me off when I have waited for an hour to speak to someone having finally got through and then said “I’ll just put you on hold” a euphemism for cut you off and when you lose your cool they say I am not here for you to rude to but actually yes they are.

That’s called putting your customer first. Charles Dunstone stop chasing the yanks for money and get your business right!