Month: July 2008

Recession is good for the soul

I travel into my office and listen to that bastion of news reporting Radio 4 and oh dear yet again they have succumbed to the media need for shocking headlines. This morning it was the shocking story that we are all heading to hell in a handcart because of a set of survey results put out by the leading british business organisation The British Chamber of Commerce, well I don’t know about you but I have never considered the BCC as being leading anything. They are incredibly inept and insignificant on almost every level. The provide what exactly? Training is a good one for local businesses delivered by idiots for idiots perhaps. Others do it better and with more success. The BCC does not have the qudos of its foreign counterparts who have serious clout. Ours are ersatz business leaders talk a lot are subject to local politics and are mainly part time luncheon organisers for the professional folk who have nothing better to do with their time than sit with twelve lawyers for lunch. It seems with all the hullaballo about crisis they forgot they do represent the poor sops who pay them extortionate amounts to join so they had better have a survey a big survey say about 5,000 respondents out of a vast membership should be embarrassed not crowing about it. For heavens sake they are quasi government and government should keep well out of the private sector not just this government but any government. I still cannot understand by the broadcasters give serious sound time to Vince Cable hasn’t he got a proper job?