Month: August 2008

Summer what summer?

I think that the weather is making us all a bit loopy what with the Russians on one side and the Olympics just over in China – not that I have to say that I watched very much of them. I suppose if you are going to invade another country then why not when they are all watching television in the hope of winning another medal?
House prices are dropping like a harlots draws and that is just the best of it… I have decided that I can no longer watch the BBC as they have the very annoying habit of making themselves “experts” in any given field. The studio cretin decides that as they don’t know enough and a probably struggling reading the difficult words on the autocue they would introduce the so and so editor as an expert to give his/her opinion funnily enough I don’t want their opinion as they are reporters what I want them to do is report from the experts not be the experts. Since when has being blown up made somebody a terrorism expert…