Month: September 2008

Irritating Habits

Here we go again; panic spreading; blood on the streets the banks are under seige and the page three girl looks like trouble!
Please please stop reading the negative press stuff and make a decsion today not to participate in the general laziness of the reporting community the hiccup in the economy will only affect most of us if we let it.
It’s about time the bloated banks had a bit of a kicking the last time my bank manager spoke to me was to moan…
Tough times but then they always have been… get a grip and just work bloody harder. Keep your focus and we all know the difference between a success and failure its not money or experience or luck although they all help – its tenacity, commitment and the ability to bounce.

On something else completely different as I am worn out now with all the negativity so I thought I would take er indoors out to re-live the music of the 80’s Altered Images, Paul Young, Kim Wilde, Bananarama or whats left of them plus the absolute gem Kid Creole and the coconuts, this guy hasn’t changed in thirty years. I swear he had the same suit on the last time I saw him 28 years ago.
Tsking into account the venue was filled with grey hair and a few just short of zimmer frames the modern world had the temerity to break through. Why do concert attendees seem to think its fine to use their mobile phone video cameras to record the concert. I cannot believe that the quality to be good enough to view again and in the meantime they piss off everyone in close vicinity by blocking out the line of sight so they can get a clear view of their pre-pubescent fantasies. Shoot the lot of them!
Next time a rant against the way my neighbours park cars that are too big to drive…