Month: November 2008

Refusing to participate

Well Autumn is here and the depressing weather is having an effect on all of us. I however think this is the possibly the best time of the year. The colours and the anticpation of darker mornings and earlier evenings bring the shop windows to life at last. This must be the most colourful time of the year. Could we or should we at least not look at the economic outlook with the same enthusiasm? I think we should.
Every business owner I have talked to in the last few months is waiting for the Tsunami to hit its like a phoney war; they are battening down the hatches and looking downward.
This is NOT the way to do it this is very destructive and I would encourage any of you who feel that impending sense of doom to wizz over to wikipaedia or skeptics dictionary and look up the Forer effect. That well known phenomena of self fullfilling prophecy and how to break the cycle of being right. You know the one “if you think you will fail…you probably will and if you think you will succeed… you probably will”
So okay you will find the marketers out there carping on about not promoting yourself for growth but promoting yourself to survive… This is scaremongering ALWAYS LOOK FOR GROWTH someone out there is making money why not you!
I may have my head in the sand but the company down here is much more pleasant than up there!