Month: February 2009

Making it look good when it looks bad
Apparently the world has gone to hell only someone forgot to keep me informed. I have never been busier one way or another. I know that critics would mention that I would say that wouldn’t I. Funnily enough its not all about saving companies from total destruction at the hands of the bankers. There is increasing activity in growing small businesses and people starting new businesses. If they want to be the one in ten that survives the next five years never mind the next five minutes then I can help them structure themselves to not only last but to dominate the negative thinking that is going on out there right now.
As I have said to my clients many times being successful has less to do with ability and money and more to do with balls out resiliance. Never look down when you can look up!
Never forget the old maxim that the harder you work the luckier you get.