Month: March 2009

Way to go!

As things progress in the world’s financial markets one of the things I have managed to glean is that some business people finally show their true colours – point of fact; we all know that personalities return to core type when they are put under pressure. Real of percieved pressure I am not sure but there we go. A group of local business people I know have done exactly that. Most people in small businesses don’t deserve to be in business! Those business owners that suffer from myopia certainly don’t deserve my help and advice. A network group I help run have returned to their comfort blankets and sucking their thumbs with such energy and verve that if they put the same energy into running their business they shouldn’t be worried at all.

Short term vision of where we are and where we should be going are very clear to most business people.
If we can raise our sights above the mundane and real business can start to make money with a background of borrowing dear old Arnold Weinstock would sleep a lot happier in his grave.

Great Week or two things seem to be settling down a bit with all that money sloshing around in the system with nowhere to go at some point one of the idiots will come to the conclusion that if they don’t lend it soon we will all get along quite nicely without them and then they will have very little sway with business any more.
One bad point was that the government agency who are supposed to be supporting us out here has managed to go into a potential client of mine and offer their services for free claiming to be the same as my services. Businesslink are such a useless shower it makes you wonder how they lost their real jobs in the first place. Rewards for incompetence are our biggest and most dangerous phenomena. Years ago these total idiots were responsible for the mass loss of lives in the first world war and then the stock market crash in the twenties. Their cretinous stupidity as represented by those failures such as Gerald Corbett and Fred Goodwin are our fault. Like politicians, we get the business leaders we deserve or tolerate. While times are good they can hide behind their staff and the damage can be managed now its all out in the open.
I think that now it is time for only good news so
Tesco’s take on 10,000
Subway are to take on 3,000
Lidl are opening 20 new stores
And I have never been busier.
Remember do what you do normall but do it better faster and with a whole lot more confidence and enthusiasm.