Month: May 2009

Working my way back home.

I went to one of my client's seminars this morning it seemed the right thing to do and the conference, held at the wellcome institute in London, was a great success although I didn't understand a great deal of it. Supporting my clients endeavours is part of my role and if nothing else it gives me a better idea of what I can do to help. This is an essential part of what makes me that litte but different I am around when others don't bother. If you want a report then go to someone else if you want it to happen then call me.

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ItHere I Am sitting in a hotel waiting for my next client meeting thinking about the way that all the people I meet are waiting with baited breath for the recession to start because if you listened to the BBC idiot with a speech impediment where he over emphasises every pause for effect Bob Peston the rest of without an index linked BBC pension should be very afraid ; not so Bob anyone with half a brain is doing nicely thanks; keep at it Bob you could talk us into watching Sky!

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Just came back from a BNI conference in Amsterdam really very good and very inspirational. As time goes on I start to see the benefit of conferences and some of the networking events as like-minded people get together and really get a new perspective on all that’s going on. Sometimes I see that the bigger picture gets lost in a wave of negative crap that comes out of the press and on the box. If we listen too much we get to think that these idiots actually know what they are talking about unfortunately they can only talk in sound bites and try to get us all believe that if we had any money left after they have contrived to steal it all we are going to die of swine fever a sort of flu that is particularly virulent in third world countries as is cholera, typhoid, TB and a whole range of illnesses which mean nothing to us unless they have the ability to cause a panic then they become BIG news.
So there you go first it was we were all going to have to live on the streets as we don’t have any cash left then we are going to die with a fever and if we survive that lot we are going to drown when the ice caps melt (again) or boil when the earth gets too hot to live on any longer.
Time to get a cold beer and sit down in front of the tele’ until the world ends or I die of starvation or obesity whichever.