Month: October 2009

Feeding of the wise words of others

Its that time again when I have just returned from a conference where all the speakers make so much sense that it seems like I should have done something else with my life. A certain amount of envy about the easy way they can get their ideas across so easily.
One or two of the ideas are great to take back to my clients and make them think they are my ideas hence feeding of the wise words of others. I don’t think that it can be categorised as plagiarism I think that is should be looked upon as recycling on a grand scale ideas are heavier than CO2 and can weigh so much more than all the usual trash. I have this idea that most small businesses are actually scared of selling their wares I think that are not that happy about customers buying stuff from them in the first place.
My words of garbled wisdom to a client recently were “there are no grants for you type of business so just get of your arse and sell something” to which they replied “we don’t know how to”
Why do we let these people out of the cage?

Just read!

I am on the train on the way home from another long meeting and I have just completed Seth Godin's book Tribes. For anyone who needs to exert influence on others this is a must read tome. You will get to grips with what you already know but didn't want to own up to. So get a copy and start to lead you own tribe. This book let's you into a secret on using online networking so get it or ask to borrow my copy!

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