Month: November 2009

Waiting in line

How many times do we sit and wait I mean just wait not for anything in particular but just in case?
I was sitting and waiting and thinking as we all do and wondering where does all the time go…
Well if I sit here waiting I know where it goes so I decided to add something in writing to the blog.
I have a few maxims in my life which I find fit every occasion things like “I was waiting so long for success to come my way in the end I gave up waiting and went out to look for it” and “People only treat other people badly because we let them” Speak up I say shout out how good you are because if you don’t think your good how on earth is anyone else going to. Back to my waiting now this time with and extra strong latte!

Waiting for the onslaught

Over the past 12 Months the world has certainly gone a bit haywire. I have worked tirelessly in trying to maintain confidence in all my clients, some get it some unfortunately don’t and all they see is a great big depression with all the negative news and the banking fiasco but hang on a minute was everyone damaged beyond repair? I think not Goldman Sachs kept their heads down and refused to sit there with their hands out like street beggars in suits. They seem to have done rather well out of all this turmoil.
With the jobless staying in hefty numbers yet again we are asked to consider the plight of the new students coming out of University with little of real value to their names. I do feel sorry for them but then again this is the first time they have been conned into thinking that a degree in “media studies” is actually anything more than a boondoggle but don’t blame employers they can only work with the crap that comes to them. I am afraid there is no easy route to getting an education. Drawing pretty pictures whether on film or on paper is just that a self indulgence we would all like the time to do but is a complete and utter employers nightmare.

Working on the way to London

Here we go again another week nearly over and its only Tuesday. I spent all weekend in bed feeling sorry for myself as I was due to speak at a conference I assisted in organising but on Friday Night after travelling back from Cornwall I was struck down by a cold (man flu; for all you condescending ladies out there) I spent the weekend in bed and not in a nice way either!
Finally managed to get myself together to go into work yesterday only to find out that one of my staff down in Cornwall suffered a complete breakdown and walked out on the company. No real explanation just saying that she did not ask for the responsibility and was going to spend time with her family instead. Highly questionable on both counts but young people these days complain that they do not get enough opportunity to prove themselves and when you give it to them they just roll over and cry out for help. I have decided that I will only be looking for graduates well that’s not the only criteria they must have graduated before 1980 when education was exactly that teaching young people about values that they don’t have a clue about. Like commitment, integrity, trust and loyalty. I know that we have to cater for the short term concentration of the young but I would like to think that some people plan for a little longer than the next release of a playstation game.