Month: December 2009

Employees need a change

You can tell when we are getting more confidence about the economy because the first opportunity to take a little risk is upon us. Most employees stay put when there is a downturn and hang on in there. Most bosses know this instinctively so they start flexing their muscles and when the boss says it’s tough out there he is just re-enforcing his employees desire for stability.
I will let you into a secret… There is no stability never has been and never will be! It really is just what you can make of things.
Now that the winter is in full swing and that people believe they may survive the economic and weather onslaught for another year (even though they have survived it for all of their life so far) its time to brush up the CV to snap back at the boss and to engage in a bit of pro active dreaming.
In my view its time to stop hibernating and sheep walking and start your own business. One thing to always rememeber is that you can never get sacked for looking at dubious websites at work if you are your own boss.
So think on and get a bit uppity with the boss. You’re moving on up as Curtis Mayfield would have you believe…