Month: January 2010

Sno’s gone

So the snow has receded and the brains of the major political parties have gone into the same dirty slush. Thinking in a clear and coherent manner has been replaced with child like burbling and dribbling over everything from Iraq to the Banks and the thought of everyones Eton Fag taking over as Chancellor scares the hell out of me the guy can’t add up his own expenses never mind the need to count well enough to make sense of large and unwieldly economy!
Oh crap.
I have been listening to business owners that feel that getting through the recent difficult set backs as being a success in its own right… Sorry to tell you but that was the least we can expect from you as failure was only for those who borrowed n against a dream they were unwilling to work for.
Performance is about doing better than you ever thought possible and actually planning for that outcome a bit like Schroedinger’s cat if you don’t plan for out planning then you are wrong and if you do you are wrong – its there but it isn’t.
Welcome to the real world I think!…

Why I hate the weatherman

The weather is not something we have any control over neither are many other things in our lives so why oh why do we try so hard to bring some order to the chaos. We are by nature beast that are supposed to hunt and take risks but the continual blame culture we have nurtered is damaging everyone.
Taking care not to damage anyone else is each individuals own responsibility not that of Government or Social Services or anyone else we like to apportion blame on.
The painful self flagellation that is going on in London at some hearing is just such a point the inability to accept reality is upon us all.
Paedophiles and Murderers do not hide behind every bush and we are not all out to “get” each other at every turn.
Start off by being accountable for your actions and don’t look for someone to blame when things go wrong its your fault live with it!

Christmas is over now lets get on with it!

I’ve been hearing lots about how we are all doomed for the next 400 years and that if we don’t do something about Recession/Global Warming/Badly Behaving Children/Moaning Adults we are never going to be proper human beings again. Absolute rubbish: I think we should hark back to the old days – days of high infant mortality, starvation, cholera and drunkeness (hang on apart from the degredation bits its no different than it was things must have gotten better.
I say to all my clients stop moaning and prevaricating just get on with it and do something anything is better than nothing