Month: April 2010

Unfortuately read

I have just waded my way through the first part of The Black Swan. I have given up reading the rest as the style of the writer is painfull at best and self indulgent at worst. I found myself seriously considering suicide as the better option after page 150. Any author that decides to use the initial letters of his name as a reference to themselves is deluded in the extreme. I am sure that he has been lucky in the past probably from the left field or black swan area but as I trudged through the treacle that passes as interesting writing I wondered what on earth roasted black swan tasted like.
Won’t bother with the rest of the book as it is handy for keeping the toilet door closed.

Making the right choices

Waiting for change

In the last few hours, in between bouts of melancholic writhing, I have has the opportunity to reflect about the forthcoming UK elections. All the rhetoric and hot air on who has business support over which policies and who doesn't is a major slight of hand. Government of types shapes and sizes is generally loathed by business. We don't care who delivers the bad news but we want someone to stop the pain first then have the balls to do what's right not what is popular. I have rarely been popular but often right and do you know if we expect change then are we not the stupid proletariat!

Is it not better to know where our leaders are going to mess up than to fall for false promises that in our hearts we know can't actually happen. Floating voters are what's in it for me people and need their minds made up for them. Stop pandering to the mindless and focus on society. I know who I am definitely not going to vote for!

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