Month: June 2010

Making my way back to you…

I have been working non stop recently dealing with the issues that come up in companies because they forgot to do their planning.
If all else fails planning should be a daily activity whether that is in the bath or during breakfast. If you do not plan your growth someone else will be planning your demise. A client had a phone call today asking if she had made arrangements for her own funeral. Well that would be forward planning to absolutely no effect whatsoever. Never plan your way to a quick end. I reckon that we should have no idea when we are going to die so planning for it strategically is a bit of cheek.
Take this on board as I read hundreds of business plans every year and most drive me to the point of suicide by page four so keep everyone including yourself interested and change your plan as often as you change your shirt. I was going to say underwear but then I know how grubby some business people have become.

Book reading time

I have been laid up with kidney stones, now thankfully removed, but during my moment of recouperation I have read the first few chapters of The E Myth revisited by Michael Gerberand. I heartily recommend it to anyone even considering setting up any type of business venture its so real its scary. Once you get over the americanisms and the jovial chumminess the facts speak for themselves. Get it and read it!!