Month: January 2011

Welcome Back

Iv’e been keeping my head down and holding my breath hoping that the coalition gets it nearly right unfortunately it is really getting it so wrong if I hold my breath any longer I will die a painful and untimely death.
I was hoping that some of the money handed over to the Irish and the Railway companies would actually come to some of us who know how to grow businesses and to make sure that we grow the economy and not destroy it and bring us all down into penury.
For God sake stop blaming someone else if I hear “the last lot left us in hell of a mess” I will have to slice off my own ears. Yes yes it was someone elses fault but deal with it life is someone elses fault.
Also why is this rush to pay off the debt so our Children don’t have to be saddled with debt I believe that Tony Blair paid the last cheque to the Americans for the second world war loans so thanks Dad for saddling me with debt and thanks to the Bankers who also should find a proper job and stop stealing from me they are not the Government who are allowed to steal from me by law in fact it would be a dereliction of duty not to steal from me.