Month: February 2011

Focus on activity

Here we go again. The number of times that we are going through the same treacle. Marching up and down without ever knowing where we are going. Its like jogging through the fog at any time something can come up and smack you in the face. Who would do that? Why would we then not slow down and take a large intake of breath and just look around. We seem to slow up take stock and then critically look at those who are leading us about by the nose. Do they really know where they want us to be?
There are times when I really believe that they are a lot happier when we all have jute hoods over our heads that way the only thing we can see are our feet. We can shuffle neatly over the cliff edge like lemmings were thought to do. Unfortunately the press, rich govenment ministers and the banks would rather we didn’t question where we are going and are treating us as if we don’t know well enough when we are being wrongly advised.
The coalition government is very much like the old board of Equitable Life promising so much and delivering absolutely nothing but pain.