Month: April 2011

All these holidays cripple the mind

Well here we are half way through this years bank holiday craziness.
Some of us are still working although I don’t think anyone who loves what they do will consider it work. The sharp intake of breath around me when I set off this morning only goes to prove that the work ethic is straining a bit in good old blighty. Its probably straining everywhere now that we have the concentration ability of my cat Millie who spends twenty minutes chasing shadows and leaves that are about to attack her then falls asleep for the next hour before claiming it was a power nap just to get the energy to fall asleep properly later.
For anyone who works for themselves or runs a company that relies on them, knows that holidays are just the time the workers have off. To me holidays are a pain in the schedule as I lose rhythm and it is that much harder to get back up to speed. It also makes me the worst person in the world to spend a vacation with; constantly irritable and moving around.
Next time I am going to take a break by staying at work when everyone else is off – rest enough I think…

Been Thinking

You know we have all been encouraged to think Niche what’s yours?
Mine is getting people to think clearly and understand where they are in relation to their dreams. Just thought I would jot that down.

Paul (Haley).

Travelling light.

Sitting by the dock of the bay

Okay okay so it shows either my age or excellent taste in music.
Contemplation is what it is all about.
I am reading "become a key person of influence" by Daniel Priestley and it's good. A beer a chicken salad and a book. As I keep saying to my esteemed clients get your mind right and work at getting things in order and worry less. The money will come in.
Tools you need for success:
1 resilience
2 resistance
3 reconstruction
4 redoubtability (not really a word but…)
5 redundancy

Now get off your butt and just do it if you can't talk to me.

Kind Regards,
Paul Haley.

On the move.