Month: June 2011

Finally landed – mentally

After struggling through the week trying not take a nap while driving as the other drivers appear to have panic.
Meetings again with lots of really great clients. Confidence levels are again taking a dive as uncertainty raises it’s ugly head. If we ran our businesses back tracking and uturning as much as those in charge of failing to give us all the confidence we so desperately need. No more real change in Schools – no real change in the NHS – no change in their best mates winning more and more contracts. Tender if you like but it won’t get you anywhere.
I was explaining to a good client the theory of “unfair advantage” this is why parents pay grossly overpriced fees to schools that teach no better or no worse than ordinary everyday comprehensive state provided education that is free to all who require it.
If the client does not get unfair advantage what is the point of spending the extra money. Eton can claim unfair advantage just take a look at todays cabinet ministers now that’s worth the money that is…

Making it work properly. Job for Thursday.

Deciding what is important and what is superfluous can be difficult we all get sidetracked into doing the things we enjoy before tackling the more fundamental aspects if our businesses I would much prefer to spend time in front of potential clients than the laptop doing accounting but exactly how much damage am I doing to the end game?
The problem is that unless I can identify where the damage is I can't deal with it. Mapping the process goes a long way to identifying the gaps usually not skill gaps but attitude gaps or should I say head gaps.
I believe that ALL businesses should have at least one process map for each function. Not only does it make it easier to replace people who have left it can really help advisors to get to the problem areas quickly and more cost effectively (cheaper). So think on and plan stuff graphically (draw a nice picture of what you do why you do it and what you expect from it afterwards. There are loads of freeware stuff to aid you in this activity.

Holiday or Run Away

Well I am sat here on the plane on my way to a all expenses paid medical conference to Malta for a client. This is the sort of work I could so with more of. For a minute I had  a dejavu moment and nearly got on the plane to Dubai.  But then I might just be leaving the UK for a better life without the incessant whining of Dr Cable (everything we do was due to the last lot) and his cronies who are extra annoying this morning in their irritating well we listened and funnily enough Joe public didn’t want their health service dismantled in the same way the lot before the last lot sold off the railways/gas/BT/mining industry/steel industry in fact all industry of any note leaving a nation of very very poor homeowners or very very rich council executives. No I’m just off for work and a few days jolly to lower the blood pressure. I have to stop now before my blood pressure makes my head blow up. 

Paul (Haley).

From my phone.