Month: July 2011

Unfair What?

Take the idea that your offering is not particularly different to your competitors and that some of them are actually better at than you. Shocking eh? But realistically this is normal and what makes you different is YOU. The difficulty here is that this fact alone is not enough and if you rely on it you will almost certainly starve or get a job!

The Big What?

Where to start then?
Care Homes costs to keep one dementia patient for one week is approx £480 not bad considering the professional care and knowledge that all homes come under the remit of the Care Quality Commission oh yes. So why have the majority of local authorities set their rates at about £100 less than the cost?
Homes will close people will be left on their own in their own homes where the domicillary care is so short they can decide to eat or be clean but not both. The way we treat our vulnerable is a direct reflection on the sort of society we are. In this case we would be penny pinching bastards whose only concern is not to leave their children in debt. Hold on my parents generation left us in debt their parents left them in debt and so on. So let’s be kind sell the children for medical experiments and euthanise the old folk.
It’s the only kind thing to do.
Big Society or Big Balls Up -you decide!