Month: September 2011


Year 1;
Okay so you think that you are really going to be the owner of a great business, making lots of money and giving you the life you that you have always desired. If you work hard and keep going there is a chance, a small chance that this may happen, but in the great scheme of things it is unlikely.

Most businesses fail in the first five years; in fact out of the 10 business that start up today in ten years there will only be one left. Now all ten companies start out wanting to be still around in the future and all ten invest the same amount of energy and money into their ventures with a view to being there. In the unlikely event that two survive it will not be through skill and knowledge but more like luck that keeps them there.
So let’s refocus our aims a bit closer to home this is not taking the long view but something like one year as most people who usually don’t know what they want for lunch the same day may not be able to cope with? I ask the question where is your one year plan if you don’t have a ten year plan?

The first step towards the edge…

An explanation in general terms as to what Unfair Advantage is and what it is not why it is not Strategic Advantage or Critical Advantage or in fact Competitive Advantage why it is more powerful than all of these and why is costs so much less and makes so much more


Most business fail in the first five years so let’s take a look at the way this might happen before we look at ways to stop it

Daniel Priestley

Last night I took a colleague to listen to a free seminar delivered by Daniel Priestley in Oxford. He is very inspiring and delivers a logical and sometimes scary view of the revolution that is happening all around us. Social Media and what used to be called Web2.0 is going to change the world and has already done so. Riots using blackberry messenger and twitter news coverage!
Collaboration and partnerships are the only way out of this so let’s get together and create unfair advantage so we can all grow into the business people we wanted to be Unfair or what?