Month: January 2012

Emotional Stuff

Now I consider myself as a pretty unemotional sort of level headed person. But after reading Emotionomics I realise that I am just another emotional slob subject to the same influences as a six year old schoolgirl. Got to think about this in depth before I go over to my mates for a weepy film and a sleep over!!!

Getting things done?

More of a question than a statement are you getting things done or not, in itself it’s a simple enough question but then there could be a whole load of different answers.
It’s a bit like multi-tasking, something that us men are supposed to be useless at, but then what exactly is multi-tasking? could it be a lack of ability when it comes to concentrating fully on what needs to be done or just not being able to identify what it is that is urgent. If so then everything becomes urgent all at the same time and we all know that this idea is just silly, unless you are incredibly badly organised, in which case the whole concept of multi-tasking is thrown into disarray. Careful planning and an understanding of the situation should mean that you don’t actually need to do everything at once. Lets break it down if you need to multi-task it could be that you are in a complete mess. There is no substitute for focus and concentration in today’s world; this skill is becoming increasingly hard to find. Then again if it is such a great personal commodity why is it that only one gender claims to have monopoly on having the skills to carry it out.
I’ve given this some thought (as well as doing something else at the same time) and it is my considered opinion that multi-tasking is the ability to do lots of different things badly as opposed to doing one thing really well. Would you want a Brain Surgeon that could do great stuff with rump steak or would you prefer he concentrate on the job in hand…

2012 and all that stuff

I occurs to me that in this year of the Olympics we could learn a thing or two from these highly toned and tuned athletes.
I am sure we all know that really all sportspeople do is turn up twenty minutes before their event and perform to international standards more out of luck than judgement.
Then it’s home for tea and to put the medal up on eBay to make a few bob…
Now seriously we know that would be stupid as a concept, what would happen if their bus was late, they would lose out one the chance to be famous and respected by their peers!
Now let’s consider this again especially in light of what we now know about some of the antics of the eastern block countries and how serious they took sporting achievements of their Olympic teams. Some of their competitors started at birth and were given little option but to join in the state sponsored fitness programmes, no fattys in front of telly, Xbox or wii here then.
Admittedly the powers that be planned winning at all costs from birth. So planning to succeed took more than a three year plan then?
On that note the Architect of my local cathedral in Salisbury knew from the outset that this was going to be a hundred year project and one it was impossible he was going to personally see more than a snippet of the construction finished. He planned for three or four generations of his family to stay in the same profession as did all the stonemasons and carpenters or the job just wouldn’t get done.
So these two high performance examples of achievement took slightly longer than a series of X factor or big brother to plan execute and deliver to the world. Which of these is likely to still be remembered in say 50 years (Olympic champions) or 500 years (cathedral)?
So when you write your business plan think a bit further than this one recession. Most people will experience 4-5 recessions in their lifetimes if your business plan is 10 or more years long the effect will be just a small blip if your business plane is 3 years then regardless of the reality of the situation you’re much more likely to throw in the towel. You can only lose it all if you give up now.