Month: February 2012

The ten year business plan

Why do I need a ten year business plan? I’m happy with only a one or three year plan? Lets deal with the business myopia straight away a ten year business plan helps real business owners to have some idea of what they want to do and where they want to go. If you have a mortgage or pension plan then you personally can think further than three years… Funding a 25 year mortgage or pension off the back of a three year plan either suggests that you have one hell of great three year plan or you just haven’t bothered to take on the enormity of the undertaking. Let’s look at the current financial instability and uncertainty globally today if you started your business in 2009 then you can’t have much joy in your business plan as it is probably a one way decent into oblivion. Much of your well thought our strategy has been blown away and there was nothing you could of done to change that – it was out of your hands. On the other hand if you had a ten or even fifteen year plan then you have had a hiccup in the business whilst still in start up mode. Happens to everyone. You thought about the future in your pension plans or marriage plans or even your mortgage plans so why not in your business plans. It’s difficult so you need help and advice to get you there. SO what are you waiting for..?

The Million Pound Front Bench where did it come from

Lets take a look at the new programme I have just launched its called creating unfair advantage is works on the principle that who you know is far more powerful than what you know. We all work really hard at gaining the right reputation and the right qualifications to try to impress. Impress who and why I ask. If it is to impress your mother then you don’t necessarily need qualifications you just need to have respect and care about your family. I have been told in the past that referrals come from people who know you, trust you and care about you but then do you know I have never got a piece of business from my Mother so either she doesn’t fit into the trusting caring or knowing categories or that statement is clearly wrong. Don’t worry if you haven’t got business from your nearest and dearest its not because they don’t love you it’s because they just don’t get it. What do you want from a relationship (family aside)? We know that no one works for money alone on a list of one to ten most people put monetary gain at about three or four with the odd delusional putting it at one. Number one is peer group recognition – you want your co-workers and people you do business with or for to think that you are great at what you do and really fun to be around and someone they would recommend to anyone that’s listening. Unfair Advantage is the ability to manipulate and leverage this relationship to the benefit of both parties the good old win/win relationship sometimes unbalanced but similar to winnish/winnish generally. Look at the UK top table in politics and business – same or similar schools (educational standards are totally unimportant here) same language same skiing holidays same summers on the same yachts. Time to leverage and build relationships then. Business can be the same you just need to work at it and I can show you how.