Month: September 2012

Keeping too many secrets

How much do we want anybody else to know about our businesses?

Probably more than we do!

When you are in business asking for help can be a daunting task and I should know as I am being asked for help all the time – well I would be as it’s my job – but how much I need to know about the business is debateable as some businesses are very specialised and others more general so how much can I really know?

I look at it like this anyone who has set up a business should be or should aspire to be the experts in that core business and there is little I can or should add to this. I may well ask advice from that business owner or know of other clients who could use their expertise. But just because the business is good at what it does why should it be also good at running a business? Very few are. Most business owners are keen to focus on what makes them contented and feel comfortable. Examples of the business creator being ousted by their board are numerous and smaller business owners selling out when they didn’t expect “all those problems with the business stuff”. I have to tell you that the business stuff is my specialisation so when you are losing sleep or not sure what to do next call in an expert – it’s what you would recommend to your clients.