Month: October 2012

Dont hide the truth from me!

During my work I hear lots of excuses from owners on why their businesses have got into their parlous state before they decided to give me a call.
Did you know only 6% of Small Businesses call on professional help and advice?
I will ignore the excuses because all they do is mask the problems and give me false information – if I ask a company why anyone should buy your products or services from you and more importantly why does anybody buy your products or services? You would be amazed at the answers! in short most business just don’t know. When I ask the question “are you any good at what you do?” they are really sure on that one but just don’t feel confident enough to tell anyone about it. So to sum up companies are really good at what they do but they have no real idea of why anyone should or actually does deal with them. To be successful it’s important to know why.
My theory on the difference between women business owners and men business owners (it’s fair to state that 90% of my clients are women) is explained as follows. Men will look at a problem and say what has gone wrong?– women on the other hand will look at the problem and say what did I do wrong to make that happen? The answer never easy but questioning your performance is a good way to get a grip on what is going wrong in your company.

Astonishing Idiocy

I have say not often am I lost for words.
Recently my aged parents needed to renew their “blue badge” disabled parking permit. These days this no longer just requires a doctors note because the coalition government no longer trusts doctors to determine whether or not we are disabled – this has become the province of an unqualified bureaucratic nightmare known as the local authority. Disabled drivers now have turn up in person to see if they are still eligible (maybe they got all better) and they could be parking in bays they are not entitled to. This of course should carry a mandatory 6 years incarceration. So they pack up the necessary travel accoutrement, which can only be required by new born infants and the elderly, and off to Saffron Walden they went. They sat waiting their turn only to be “interviewed” by a council ingrate who then filled in an identical form that had been sent by post. This was the total extent of the “assessment” and the beloved parents were then shown the door. The final comment was that “it would take two weeks for a decision to be made on their case but I the meantime would they like some help getting the wheelchair back into the car”!!!!!!!
It makes you wonder when the monkeys took over the running of the zoo,