Month: October 2013


How does this work? Some companies last less than a year some last for over 100 years. The stats on those that start up & die are really scary. How many businesses give me a ten or fifteen year plan? I can say about none!
If you dont think intend to be around in ten years then dont plan to be and that usually works.
I have a guilty secret I am going to share with you – on Saturday I travelled up to London to attend a concert at the Albert Hall now this was not just any concert this was to see one of the best R&B bands of the 70’s Earth Wind and Fire and despite the emotional memory link to the music I was enthralled at the energy and stagecraft of a group of men who had been doing this for over 40 years.
Now we all know that longevity in the popular music industry is rare they are getting more numerous and health care for the aged improves and drug use declines with age. We have The Rolling Stones and many groups who only intended to be around for a moment in time. Least said about Sir Cliff the better…
My point is that not one of these groups planned for this but certainly have more than their fare share of talent and tenacity and resistance so they are still there more important what they do is still valued regardless of fashion tastes they seem to overcome that. While sitting being thoroughly entertained by these gentlemen a thought struck me they started out not for fame or money but because they loved what they did and they found they were good at it. I couldn’t envisage 60 year old One Direction managing to keep me entertained in the future – but then that seems to be beyond them now…
Life as though today is the only day in your life but plan for the next 30 years just in case your still around tomorrow when the sun comes up.

Building up a head of steam

Who or what is the blind cyclist?
Its a theory on how to help small business owner react quickly and rely on senses that they thought they never had. These senses rise above the normal Aristotle 5 senses and can number at my last count 22 senses ranging from the understandable and creditable to slightly out there senses which we take as granted but don’t use to gain our own ends.
When faced with a large corporate who usually can do the job no better or worse than the smaller company how many of these corporations know what it is to “sense gravity” in a business environment – if more had then maybe the bankers wouldn’t be up there looking down on the rest of us?
More to follow…

I have been out of things for a while both laid up with a blood clot in my leg.
Whilst this has been happening I have been thinking about my new idea to be added to the unfair advantage programme which will be using the analogy/story of the Blind Cyclist – this is not in itself a theory but the working out where your advantage lies when you seem to be in a place where you are less than favourite is one which most small business owners are literally blind to. Every opportunity seems like a problem and only the lucky ones win profitable contracts while the rest of us sneak around the bottom of the pool eating leftovers and spillage.
Not so keep coming back to this blog to pick up more ideas on this theme…