Month: February 2014

Business Coach in Hospital

It’s happened again I have been laid low by blood clots in my left leg. Now I’m normally reasonably fit and take care in what I eat but this is “Just one of those things” .

When you run your own business, if you don’t plan for stuff like this, it can destroy what you have spent years and 000,s of pounds building up.
I’m lucky I expect that my relationships with my clients are strong enough for me to keep them and help me to survive.
Round the corner for all us a really big person waiting to kick us squarely where it hurts. We just do t know who they are or exactly when they will turn up –

Have you been predicted yet?

Communication is the only way us humans can get together and share stuff.
Whether that is emotional or physical it goes without saying that is we fail at this really basic level then we may as well give up and hiss under the stairs.
We all know that certain professions have been led to think that having a strange outlook on communicating is acceptable but I would hazard a guess that this is pretty self generated. A case of the shy convincing the shy. In a business environment getting your idea across in as unambiguous manner as possible is fundamental to getting the job done.

Poor Communication

Communication is fundamental to the smooth running of any organisation or in fact with any interaction between people. Recently I have experienced or become involved with disagreements where is becomes obvious to the outsider that the problem has been very poor communications in point of fact some of these disputes cannot be unravelled as the communications have got so bad that each individual has become intransigent and slips into the I’m right your wrong argument style. 

One involves two companies who despite advice they both consistently ignore basic business rules around planning and contracts. This has resulted in a dispute which has degenerated into verbal assaults and liablous emails flying about.  
How to solve these reputation destroying and ultimately business closing situations?
It’s rather like the letters that have appeared out of the Good Friday Peace Agreement. Finding out that negotiations rely upon two things, one is both sides knowing what they want and secondly how much they will give up to get what they want. If that isn’t there then there are no negotiations finally without communication there is nothing. 
Be open, have a plan, have agreements in the clearest language possible. Expect things to wrong. All these equal success.