Month: March 2014

Do no harm?

‘primum non nocere’ 

At what point should all of us embrace the ethos behind the one that medical practitioners should ideally practice by?
Since when does business community feel above the commitment that we should all make to our community. 
When faced with particular decisions we have to balance up that fork in the road choice. Do we do the balance sheet of profit against harm. Is there such a balance sheet? If not should there be one? Where do we go when the balance sheet glaringly shows imbalance? When the manipulators of Libor or sellers of desperately sub-prime packages look in the mirror what do the see in the reflection? If they apply the concept of “do no harm” how do they stack up?
I’d really like to know wouldn’t you?

When is it okay to be sick?

As a self-employed person when is it okay to take a few days off sick more importantly when is it okay to take three or four weeks off sick. With your business suffer? With your business close? Or will things just carry on as you left them?

The answers to these questions is it all depends. We should be running and businesses as if they were personal relationships with family or friends and now off and your family or friends walk out when your ill what you been injured. If your relationships are strong enough then your business will survive.  It can’t be guaranteed though but I would suggest you spend more time on your relationships and this time on getting your money give more than you receive.