Month: June 2014

Know your rights

Every business needs them, every business uses them – absolutely no customer reads them or in fact very few actually understand them. in reality they are a very negative process.  They detail what your rights are when things go wrong sometimes disastrously so. Before you go further watch the movie below and how much your privacy and rights are really worth. The customer is king unless they are not…       Terms & Conditions may apply!



Before you decide to offer discount…

Before you decide to offer any form of discount or, preferably increase your prices take a look at the two graphs below and then decide which is best for you please be sure to have the following tattooed to your hand/arm or head.

Price is never the reason for a sale or for losing a sale – EVER EVER EVER…

obviously if you are going to the Tattooist then you may embellish this with a few colours or a dragon or two. I have included a nice one by © Dragon pictures gallery. 2014. to give you inspriation,










Swimming against the tide!

Why is running a business like being a shark?


There are times when running a business is a thankless task and it seems that the battling is non stop and this can be overwhelming there are those occasions when it seems that it is time to just throw in the towel and get a “proper job” but I can tell you that once you have been “tainted” with the experience of running your own business returning to world of the wage slave may look attractive but is nigh impossible to achieve. You now are used to working longer hours – getting sick less – ignoring your family and social life and spending each month hanging in there telling yourself that next month it will be better. In the words of Del Boy “this time next year Rodney we’ll be millionaires” – but of course we won’t. We have to get used to being abused and roughed up on an almost daily basis. That is not to say that there are not some seriously big pluses. Being your own boss means that you can’t be sacked by your childish and irratic boss, it means that you can make the right decisions when they need to be made and most importantly of all you are in charge of your own destiny. When I say that running your own business is like being a shark I am not referring to the behviour of some of the more seedier sides of business like Loan Sharks or Office Sharks. No I am referring to the wonderful creatures that had the misfortune to be created almost perfect for their environment and remained at the top of the food chain until Man came along with mechanical and industrial destructive methods. Most important facet of the Sharks life and one which I believe has made the so successful is that they physically cannot stop still… they have to keep moving whatever even when they know that moving forward is not right but not wrong either. They cannot sit on the fence here because nature has given them one incentive to keep moving that we somehow wish our employees had. If they stop moving forward they simply drown. Something to think about next time you take a bath.

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