Hidden Taxes

Hidden taxes don’t you just love them
We’ve got a staff of about 50 people, most of whom work really hard and diligently. Every now and then something crops up which questions our beliefs on why we do this business thing at all.
The government, in following its austerity plans lemming like over the cliff edge, has stated again and again that the SME companies form the backbone of the economy oh yeah!
Finding out that the their main worry net their only worry is having enough cash to hand out to their supporters has meant that sneaky little taxes have been slipping under the radar. This weeks was finding out that its employers not the Government that funds Statutory Sick Pay. For my employees it comes out of my pocket. So not only do I have to find them work but also have to fund their sick time when both us and them have been paying ever increasing National Insurance payments just to keep our leaders pensions topped up.
It’s time Georgie boy was called to account. His astounding under performance is no longer just a joke for the Eton set. Lets all be in on the laugh and dump him. K