What are all these excuses?

To be honest I don’t mind if people make mistakes, are late, have forgotten something important to me or in fact made a complete mess of things what I really can’t do with are excuses sometimes real sometimes well meant and sometimes complete and utter rubbish.

They add insult to injury and dont assist the healing process at all. I’m not known for my high levels of emotional intellegence, in fact I probably wouldn’t do very well in the empathy business. To me it is important to make things as clear and uncluttered as possible. That said I don’t feel the need to buy into someone else’s disasters.

Failure does not need to come with an explanation life is NOT to be treated as a learning experience or you run out of life while you are still looking over your shoulder either in a self critical or self serving manner.

I find excuses are, by their nature, a waste of limited time and resources. If you want me to buy into your emotional turmoil I have to say that it probably isn’t going to happen.

I do demand an apology but do not want an explanation as offering one is like a serial philander owning up to their partner the errors of their ways and looking to offload all their misdemeanors onto someone else so they can “clear the air” or “start afresh” These actions are selfish and pointless.

Everybody makes mistakes and we have to accept them sometimes there is no reason or no person to blame so an excuse is unacceptable. Don’t do it just move on and burn the hair shirt.