For those of you not in the know relationship marketing is the new normal.

You may be out there working your social media or should I say staying at home working your social media having loads of “friends”stop by and saying how much they “like” you or working the programme by “sharing” something quite “unique” to millions of people but missing out on having a proper relationship. But would you trust any of the friends with your bank account details or in fact your wallet or purse -probably not.

This is because they are not really known to you and in reality they only exist in the ether of the Internet. In my world you have to shake someone’s hand and look deeply into their eyes before you get a feel whether or not I want to like them.

This is called relationship marketing and there is only one game in town if you can actually play it. I have to admit a vested interest because it is the only game I know how to play so come on down and find you local BNI group and get stuck in.

Make friends and influence people to proper way or of course you stay at home and make a whole load of friends on line your choice but get a grip and meet someone new for heavens sake.