Passive income?

I’ve been reading a lot about so called “passive income” recently how everyone needs to earn while they sleep or they are done for.
The internet never sleeps retort is very accurate but I’ve found most of cyberspace is a wasteland. The wind whistles through it like a Californian Gold Rush Ghost Town. Trying to find the nuggets is getting harder and harder. There are many websites, blogs and network groups that are screaming that they have the rights to the next great “passive income claim” so if I don’t act now I’ll lose my chance. My twitter feed grows daily because I may have shown a vague interest in someones witty or pithy aside and now I am bombarded with gormless idiotic chatter.
What is the correct etiquette here? If I “unlove” someone do they appear at my bedside at night brandishing venom and hate or “troll” me out of my mind. In the old days it was a simple case of checking under the duvet and having a strategy for disposing of a horses head before jumping in for a decent nights rest.
How does the cyber world, not known for its mature and stable relationship building skills, deal with faceless rejection?
Now back to passive income I hate to mention it but there is no such thing if, like me you believe that every one buys from someone they like, know or trust, which would indicate that there is an emotional aspect to this, then where does the word “passive” fit in?
To create this passive income you need to create a stable of constantly evolving products or services which continue to add value to an ever changing and increasingly demanding marketplace. Doesn’t sound very passive to me. I think what they mean is an income which requires no input from me on building a relationship between buyer and seller above a daily email that says “you bought X from us six months ago so we thought you might like to purchase Z” now that’s handy as I didn’t know that Z actually existed now I know I need to have one. Phew what a service – now I’m off to check if I’ve been invaded by trolls under the bridge.

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