Sprung out

Can you smell it too? Do you know that it’s more than just a feeling it’s lighter mornings longer days some weak and watery sunshine. Holiday ads, buds appearing, Mothers Day and Easter just a chocolate spit away. Yes; that’s right – it’s spring, my favourite season. When I lived in the Middle East we only had two seasons – hot and very hot so Spring and Autumn are real joys for me personally.
Apart from the flowery rhetoric and positivity returning you still have to spring clean all the detritus and baggage out of the guest bedroom. Isn’t it strange that we are only a few weeks past a really really cold February snap and our whole outlook has changed.
Good times are just around the corner; this is not a government press release or a party political broadcast it’s just that it was going to happen anyway regardless of whatever anyone in charge did. Natural cycles are not just bikes made out of recycled paper they are natural a rhythm of life just plodding along in the background. 7 good years 7 bad years heard that one before or not? On a 14 year business plan Joseph had it 50% awesome and 50% crap so let’s skip the crap bit! life would at least be so much easier if not better. This must have been the first business plan developed with future risk analysis built in. The fact that it was conceived off the back of a dream only goes to show that either dreams are important or the seriously troubled mind can create a successful strategy.
I have some really bad news for anyone looking for the green shoots of recovery you’ve missed the boat. Recovery planning should of happened almost at the moment we knew we were going into recession!
Going back to basics for a final comment there are only two reasons for anyone to buy anything – firstly to stop or move away from pain secondly to move towards pleasure. That’s it! you can analyse selling and sales strategy as much as you want but if it doesn’t fit into one of those two categories then it’s just fluff and nonsense. Remembering of the two, the first one is hard wired into humans and happens almost subconsciously. The second one is harder to pin down but worked properly is just as effective. The pain scenario is one we all relate to but pleasure is more individual. If you can take the pain away they’ll trust you if you add pleasure they’ll love you.

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