Year 5 business be damned

Okay you have promises from contacts orders are being processed and you will have the money by the end of the week phew but until then how will you live a quick glance into the wallet and we are into breaking the rules we have maxed out the overdraft which is guaranteed by the family home and now the drastic plastic is flexed. Spending only until the end of the month then it will be paid back. Then watching the local news you see the directors of your new client being escorted by the local constabulary into the back of a Black Maria they have been arrested for fraud!!
So sitting there with your head in your hands crying out that “Its just not fair” and do you know what? It isn’t!
Where does this leave you now?

This is Just a story but it explains why most small businesses fail in year five; the money has run out, the family has run out, and the orders haven’t come in. So what can you do to stop this happening to you?